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  Lotto Magic and the Lotto Magic Team can help you win more prizes in the lottery than ever before! Our team playing system allows you to receive 10% of the winning tickets of hundreds of other Florida Lottery players.  


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Your Florida Lotto Magic Benefits

Besides the main benefit of joining the most successful Lottery Club in America and sharing in the winnings of those on your team... you can also earn an extra income by sharing Lotto Magic with others. Learn about your many other benefits when you join Lotto Magic and the Lotto Magic Team.

Florida Lotto Magic Club Membership Benefit #1

Receive the benefits of our unique system of playing the Florida "and" Power ball Lotteries as a Lotto Magic "Player"!

FREE lottery tickets in the Florida and Powerball LOTTO!

All active Lotto Magic club members will receive one lottery ticket for every drawing in the Florida and Powerball lotteries. An active member is one who has paid their monthly membership fee.

The Florida and Powerball lotteries are some of the most lucrative lottery drawings in the U.S. and you will have a ticket for each and every drawing!

You could be a millionaire next month!

Lotto Magic "Team Players" receive all club benefits for only $25.00 per month! The Lotto Magic system of pooling team members together increases your odds of winning a lottery jackpot tremendously!

Plus the Lotto Magic custom designed computer program selects your numbers for you and eliminates number combinations that have never come up, such as "1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6".

Since it is against postal regulations to mail lottery tickets through the mail, Lotto Magic purchases your tickets for you and keep them in their fireproof safe. THey also send you a report each month that informs you of your lottery ticket numbers as well as the other club members who are on your team.

For even more more information about being a Lotto Magic "Player".

Florida Lotto Magic Club Membership Benefit #2

Earn money by sharing our club with others!

Our club membership gets even more exciting when you join as a Team Captain, Power Captain or a Mega Captain. To learn more please watch the company video below...

Click to Get Started! or Visit a Team Member's Site!

Lotto Magic has a free "Winning the Lottery" e-book for you at the bottom of this page!  News: Listen to the most recent recorded Lotto Magic opportunity calls for more!

But what about lottery ticket winnings?

Team Players earn 10% on their own personal ticket winnings as well as 10% of the ticket winnings of the lotto pool members on their team. For more: What is a Lotto Pool.

There are 8 or 9 drawings each month, so you would be receiving 50% of your tickets winnings PLUS 10% of the ticket winnings of 31,240 to 35,145 tickets each month!

How difficult is it to make money by referring new members to Lotto Magic?

Well, I will let one of our members share that with you himself. Read what Fred from Florida has to say:

Lotto Magic member Fred Katz of Florida! "This is unbelievable! I joined and started turning a profit the first month! The systems you provide are down-to-earth and really do work. I really love the direct mail co-op program you guys have. I did practically nothing and enrolled 5 extra people in less than 90 days! Instead of paying to play the Lottery, I now have extra spending cash." Fred Katz, FL 

More Lotto Magic testimonials

We have many different methods for you to use to start earning commissions like Fred is. When you join, you will receive a Lotto Magic Marketing Tips and Strategies booklet that shares the successful methods that our members are using right now, plus you'll receive online and team training about:

  • classified advertising in local papers
  • marketing through the internet
  • social media marketing
  • local telephone surveys
  • handing out business cards
  • mailing Lotto Magic postcards
  • leads on peel and stick labels
  • online marketing methods
  • offline & online advertising
  • company sponsored co-op mailings
  • phone leads of opportunity seekers
  • company sponsored postcard mailings
  • email message autoresponders
  • online video marketing
  • online lead capture pages

Anyone from 18 to 88 can make money in Lotto Magic!

Lotto Magic has a free "Winning the Lottery" e-book for you at the bottom of this page!  Learn more about the Lotto Magic membership levels & cost at Lotto Magic.

Even if you're not interested in lottery, you can earn a paycheck every month.  Lots of people are doing thjis right now, you can earn up to $120 per month (every month) for each Mega Captain sign-up.

Every week, more than 200,000 people win in the Florida Lottery. In the past few years, the average jackpot has been around $20,000,000 and the biggest jackpot was over $100,000,000.  The Florida Lottery contributes one billion dollars yearly to public education, the future of young people is the real product here!

You should also know that besides the great marketing materials and training available to you FREE at the main Lotto Magic, we here at the "Lotto Magic Team" provide you with additional Lotto Magic marketing materials which are already "proven" as very effective, and of course which are 100% free to you and everyone in your team and in their team too... to infinity.

But wait... it gets even better. Besides receiving a complete marketing web site for FREE, you also have the opportunity to use other Lotto Magic related marketing sites to build your team bigger and better, here are some site examples:

1. A free marketing site from our team, let others know the benefits of joining the Lotto magic Team.

2. A Power Lead Capture Page where Lotto Magic then follows up for you and sends them Lotto information!

3. A Mini Lotto Magic site that gives your visitors a free Florida lotto ticket entry into the Florida Lottery.

Remember... Our team provides you with a 100% free mini-marketing site when you join us! 


Lotto Magic Audio: How to increase your odds of winning the lottery  (9:02)




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  • Did you know that 1/3 of all state lottery jackpots are won by lottery clubs or pools?
  • Did you know that some of the largest lottery jackpots are won in the Florida Lotto?
  • Lotto Magic can help you win more prizes in the lottery than ever before! Our team playing system allows you to receive 10% of the winning tickets of hundreds of other Florida Lottery players.
  • Find out what Lotto Magic Members are saying about Lotto Magic or see why current team members have joined Lotto Magic and the Lotto Magic Team.

  Remember you will not be alone, our job is to generate traffic through online and offline advertising and through extensive search engine optimization (SEO) which to date has been very successful. No smoke and mirrors, see our SEO results for yourself in real time.



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