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The Florida Lotto Magic company FAQ's are located at the top of this page. If you'd like to read the "team" specific FAQ's pages they're located further down on this page.

Florida Lotto Magic (the company) - FAQ's

Are lottery clubs and pools legal?
A: Yes. States with lotteries recognize lottery clubs and pool playing. Lotto Magic does not sell lottery tickets. Only retailers who have been contracted by the Florida Lottery Commission are authorized to sell tickets. Lotto Magic promotes lottery club play with our computerized system to enhance our club memberís chances of winning. If there are no lotteries in your state, this may be your only way to play the lottery.

Doesnít the United States Postal Service have rules regarding lotteries?
A: Yes, several are in the US Code. Sec. 3005 regarding lotteries has been on the books for about 50 years. It was written to prevent people from starting their own lotteries. Lotto Magic is not conducting a lottery -- we are merely a club playing the Florida lottery. Another statute frequently referred to is Sec. 1302 - Mailing lottery tickets or related matter. We do not mail any lottery tickets or Florida lottery materials through the mail.

How do I find out what numbers you are playing for me?
A: You will receive a welcome letter that will have your numbers on them. Each month you will also receive a report that shows the previous monthís winning numbers, your team members and their lotto numbers, your enroller bonuses, commissions, and winning ticket profit sharing. Your account balance will be shown as well as how much money is needed to renew your club membership for the next month. Winning numbers can be verified on the internet at the official website of the Florida State Lottery.

Can you guarantee any winnings?
A: No. With all state lotteries, there are many losers compared to the few winners. No one can guarantee a winner. History has shown that the club method (or pooling) of lottery play produces more winning tickets than any other method. Being patient and playing the lottery through a club gives you a better chance of being part of the jackpot prize.

Who is eligible to join Lotto Magic?
A: Our club has members worldwide. The only requirement to claim a prize in a lottery is that you are 18 years of age (and have a winning ticket!)

How do I know that you are an honest company?
A: Some of our Lotto Magic members have been with us since our first year! We have operated this club since January 1996 and have purchased every ticket that we claimed. In fact, ticket purchases are kept in our fireproof safe just in case anyone wants to see them! Lotto Magic testimonials or Lotto Magic team members.

Can I play my own numbers?
A: Yes, however, we donít recommend it. We also will not play your selection if another Lotto Magic member has your numbers. This is one of our computerized advantages -- no duplicate numbers among our members. Our computer system also takes into account past winning number combinations -- and does not play them again. According to Gail Howard (author of books on lotteries), past drawn number combinations probably wonít appear for another 1,000 to 1,500 years.

Lotto Magic Team Specific - FAQ's

Is this the Lotto Magic Scam I heard about years ago?
A: No. However long ago there was a scam that ended up being called the Lotto Magic Scam, but it was not related to this company. It was a chain letter that bounced around for less then a year through postal mail but eventually it died off naturally. Unfortunately for us someone along the way that received one of the chain letters called it the "Lotto Magic scam" because of the name of the one page report they were pushing. There were also copy-cat versions that were spelled "Lotto Majic" which lasted for even less time before the post office shut them all down. Unfortunately for those of us in this Lotto Magic program we bore the brunt of some of the bad publicity. Again that chain scam was NOT related in the least to the Florida Lotto Magic program!

Why is there a Lotto Magic Team?
A: Lotto Magic Team (this site) along with free team sites in our network of Lotto Magic sites was created to assist those that join our specific team in building their own personal Lotto Magic downline team and then earning from that team. Instead of you joining an individual and then being forced to "go it alone", you have the opportunity to join a "team" which has been marketing Lotto Magic offline since 2005 and online since 2007 - successfully. We've seen many team's come and go over the years, yet we're still here because our focus isn't on us, it's on the success of you and you team.

What will you do for me at this team site?
A: Once you join our team we put your personal Lotto Magic ID (provided to you by the company) into a URL rotator. A URL rotator is specialized server software which sends the visitors of this site to your Lotto Magic site so they can join you. Once your Lotto Magic ID is in the team URL rotator you don't have to do anything and frankly neither do we as far as the rotator since it runs completely hands off and automatically in the background of this team site. A visitor clicks various links here and they're sent to your Lotto Magic web site, it's simple and it works - test it here. Go ahead and click, it won't hurt a thing!

Where do the visitors come from?
A: They arrive through both offline classified and display ads that we run which then direct them to visit the team site. We also market heavily online with text and banner ads placed through advertising networks and directly with webmasters. We generate additional traffic through link trades and via search engine optimization. There's more information in the Lotto Magic advertising area and it'll also show you some of the individual sites we're advertising on. Don't take our word for it that we're working for you and your team... you can click on any of the advertiser links there and see YOUR ads online and live for the world to see and click on!

What else do you do to get more visitors to the team site for me?
A: We tap into many other areas of visitor marketing beside the standard advertising route. For those looking to improve their chances of winning the lottery (beside joining our lotto pool of course) we give away a free lotto strategy e-book. People arrive for the book and there's plenty of links available if they want to explore the site. We also wrote the code and created a free random lottery number generator which is great for those who want their lottery numbers created through a nice little widget. More importantly for this team is the fact that it's designed to replicate itself "hands free" as someone sees (and pulls the code) from the site they saw it on to place the widget on their site, this can go on forever. The title banner on the widget is linked back to here so people can click, visit here then go to your site. There's more but we recommend you visit the updates page for the most current team marketing projects plus the ones in the planning stage, draft, or ready to launch out of the chute.

Note: Most recently we began offering the Free Las Vegas visitors guide to the masses. It's 100% free, it has a viral component to it, can be sent to others via any number of social networks, linked to, emailed and shared. It's designed of course for people interested in visiting Las Vegas, casino's, gambling, 3D Las Vegas maps etc.

How many visitors come here and what do they do after they're here?
A: The number of visitors here varies day to day depending on the amount of advertising we have running at the time, the current search engine position listings and even the time of the day. They are however ever present and the traffic is consistent. This would be a good time for me to ask you how you arrived here... From a newspaper ad, postcard, search engine, or maybe even a text ad or banner that you clicked on? The people that arrived before you, and the people that will be here after you leave could have arrived the same way and for the same reason you did... because of our team advertising and marketing! As far as they what do they do once here, we recently ran a visitor visitor test to track conversions, clicks and other visitor home page activity. The nitty gritty details are located on the Lotto Magic visitors "Crazy Egg" traffic test page.

What is this team traffic going to cost me after I join?
A: Not a dime, it's free to you. We roll the team commissions and earnings, paid link profits and our paid for lottery books (not the free one we give away) sales income back into this team site, the team news site and into the soon to be released free team marketing sites (see the team updates page for the latest). We also purchase advertising from webmasters and advertisers to drive targeted traffic here and we work for you while you pay nothing, ever. And we don't ask you to advertise or send visitors here, that's our responsibility. If you're going to spend your advertising dollars then we recommend you spend it to send visitors directly to your Florida Lotto Magic site.

What's the single most powerful benefit of joining this team?
A: We have a "long term" team vision. We know if you don't succeed then neither do we. Our URL rotator sends traffic to YOUR Lotto Magic site - automatically, 24 hours a day at no cost to you. We take care of business and the future "after" you walk in the door and we don't just see you as a "sale". Over the years we've seen it all,  we've watched individuals market Lotto Magic by blasting emails to the world, or they've plastered you tube with Lotto Magic video's or have even copied our content word for word. For the short term sure it's good for them, you're in the door and on their team. Now what. No seriously what's their plan for YOU now, do they have a plan for your success? Likely not otherwise they might have mentioned that to you somewhere along the way. On this team we don't do short term because it's already been proven by other teams (no longer around) that it does not work. If there isn't a long term plan and system to grow the team then the team fails.

What is the attrition rate (drop-outs) for this team compared to others?
A: That's a tough one since we don't know how long members are staying on the other teams. We can say with complete confidence that we still have team members on the team today that joined us back in 2005 when we launched. We learned long ago (before Lotto Magic) that people drop out of programs when they're NOT making money. In this case most always it's because their sponsors goal was to "get them in the door" and not much more then that. Our goal isn't just about getting you in the door, anyone can do that if they're willing to throw some time and money into email or video marketing... our goal is to help you build your team so you earn money and you can't drop out. It's good for you, good for your team and it's good for us. Drop-outs will always happen regardless of the program, however helping others on the team earn money removes that negative component from the equation and reduces drop-outs dramatically. Did I mention this team started back in 2005?  OK I'll leave it alone for now.

Should I join your team right now before shopping around for a team and what is a lotto pool?
A: There's no reason for you to join our team right now if you're not ready, we're not going anywhere. It's in your best interest to shop around to see what's available out there then if you decide you can always return to our team site and click on any of the available "join" buttons or links. I've mentioned elsewhere on the team site and I'll say it again here... we all shop for our cars, search for the right home and we discuss and decide the names of our children - so why wouldn't we also shop for and decide on the right Lotto Magic team too? Just like anything else in life we recommend you make comparisons between what another team or individual has to offer YOU after you join them and what we offer you then - make a decision.  Too many people (me included in the early days) "jump" at the first hyped email they get, the flashy video, or the worn out promises such as "We'll build your team for you", "Free spillover", We do all the work" etc. however the big question is what will they do for you help you "after" you sign-up. You'll have to research that part online to get your answers. As far as what is a lotto pool, one of the many free team traffic sites we had designed for you and your teams benefit is the Lotto Magic 101 site. It captures search terms related to "Lotto Pools" so we can educate others about what a lotto pool is, what the benefits of a lotto pool (office pool) are, and also how they can join (you).

While signing up to join how do I decide on what Lotto Magic ID number to choose?
A: The Lotto Magic ID contains one (1) letter followed by four (4) numbers so it's a total of 5 characters long. You can to "choose" your number when signing up and as long as it doesn't match another member's chosen number then you'll be fine. Most people choose the first initial of their last name then 4 preferred numbers. Roger Smith for instance might choose the letter "S", followed by his 4 favorite numbers, so it would be "S2947" in his case.

Can I upgrade or downgrade between Team Captain, Power Captain and Mega Captain?
A: Yes. Upgrading and downgrading from one membership position (level) to another is perfectly fine and the company allows it. For some it might be a temporary financial decision (downgrade), and for others it would be a commission decision (upgrade). The downgrade is easy enough to understand so I'll cover the upgrade in more detail. If for instance you were a Team Captain with 2 personally sponsored Power Captains on your first level then as a Team Captain if you wanted to receive $60 in monthly commissions from each of your Power Captains ($120 total) then "you" would also need to be a Power Captain. Otherwise as a Team Captain you would only earn as if they were Team Captains and you'd earn $25 per month from each Power Captain. In this case you'd need to upgrade from Team Captain to Power Captain in order to to tap into those additional commissions. To upgrade or downgrade you can call the company with your Lotto Magic ID # and let them know what you want to do, however I recommend you send them an email so that you receive an email confirmation back from them.

I am strongly considering joining Lotto Magic.  Can you please tell me the advantage of joining your team versus others out there?
A: The biggest advantage is it’s a business to us that we’ve been growing since 2005 and we can afford to roll the team commissions right back into the team marketing machine to pay for free team advertising, free team marketing and expert SEO services to ensure the team has consistent offline and online visibility. There’s also affiliate income, domain rentals, redirects, adsense income, advertising income and much more that we roll into team marketing, completely free to those on the team, good for them, smart long term business for us. Also, we don’t just say we’re advertising for the team free, we prove that we are and we don’t just say we’re going to do marketing... they can go to Google or Google images (Florida Lotto Magic, Lotto Magic Team, Lotto Magic) to see what we’re doing. And this right behind their future team members that were there the day before doing Lotto Magic research. The biggest advantage is that we work for the team. If you were to visit any link in our network of sites that takes you to the main Lotto Magic web site you will be sent to a current team member’s site in order to join the team. You can’t join us directly, we are NOT in the URL rotator. You can only join a team member so to you that means future members… can only join you.

Do you have some kind of system (learned or automated) that works to help your team better than other Lotto Magic groups?
A: We have two team URL rotating systems combined with the free team advertising and marketing mentioned above plus team training (via email). For our particular team it’s about consistent mass exposure through team traffic generating sites, blogs and social media and paid for offline and online advertising to capture the attention of a large portion of the market out there. This then creates interest, trust, association with a team that actually works for the benefit of the team members, new team members joining, happy current members, team momentum and a very low attrition rate. For us it’s about looking to the next 8 years, not the next 8 months. The only way to get to 2021 is to take care of the team members today and building deep for the long term. When people are earning they don’t drop out, when they don’t drop out then there’s income for the team and with a team there’s a reason for us to keep doing what we’re doing.

Do you have a lotto magic contact number or email address if I have questions?
A: Yes, plus it's located on the main company web site at the bottom of their page. You can contact Lotto Magic by phone at: 850-864-2251, or if you prefer to you can contact them by snail mail at their mailing address of: 21 Racetrack Road N.E. Ft. Walton Beach, Florida 32547. Most people of course prefer to email so you can contact them fast at:

I'm already in Lotto Magic, came here to check you out - can I join you guys?
A: Yes you can. If you've already joined and you haven't received much help from your sponsor or you don't belong to an actual "team"  or if you're just all alone out there and want to tap into the power of our team URL rotating system and free traffic... you can always take another position in Lotto Magic and we'll work with you in your new lotto position. If you don't want to join our team but want to give it a shot on your own you can always use the ads we created on the free team ads page then advertise online to get traffic to go to your site. The ads are refreshed every so often plus the Internet is so huge that competition won't be an issue. I would recommend you give away our locked lottery book or encrypted random lottery number widget however that would only help the members on this team as both items are linked back to the team site. I look forward to welcoming you to the team if you decide to join again.

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