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We advertise for the Lotto Magic Team (You) free through text ads, banner ads, link trades, google, and offline to help build your Lotto Magic Team.


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Below is a partial listing of the Lotto Magic Team online ads that we're running right now for YOU and your team (at no cost to you) through many different web sites. There are many more running on AdEngage, Ad Land Pro and on Google Adwords however keeping this page updated with our short run (under 2 month) ads would be difficult so we've only included the team's "long term" ads that have been contracted for 3 months or more. You can click on any of the web site links down below to see "your" Team Lotto Magic advertisements running live on those web sites.



Lotto Magic is an international company, available to anyone in the UK.


We will forever and always invest our money into helping you build YOUR Lotto Magic team, because when we're doing that we're also building OUR Lotto Magic team at the very same time. You make money and you stay on the team, you stay on the team and we make money that we roll back into team advertising - there's nothing more simple (and successful) then that! So, ask your current up line sponsor in whatever program you're involved with... "what have you done today to help me build my business?" If you don't like the answer you get (or if it gets really quiet) then come back to this site and visit a team member then dare I say it again... join them!
  Remember this traffic is 100% FREE to you (and your team members) once you join any member on the team! So grab YOUR share of the team's free Lotto Magic targeted traffic to YOUR Lotto Magic marketing web site right now! Visit below to see exactly what we're doing for you and your team...  
  Recently we've expanded the team advertising to Facebook and IBO Toolbox. Here are some of the details of what we're advertising at these two new team advertiing platforms.  
  Facebook allows for ads however they're not like the standard banner ads since they're focused more on "engagement" which for the Facebook crowd is: sharing, liking or clicking. Any of those actions in this case are just plain ol' good for the team. You can click on the screenshots to visit the posts live on the team page.  
Lotto Magic Facebook Ad One
Lotto Mafic Facebook Ad Two
Lotto Mafic Facebook Ad Three
  Big Library provides quality website "screenshot" advertising on a contract basis. They've been providing this service since 2007 although we've only been advertising with them via their 3 year contract since 2009. The visitors that click on our team banner are sent to the Lotto Magic main core team website and then just like all our (your) team related sites... all visitors are then re-routed to YOUR Lotto Magic site via the team URL rotator!  
This is the ad we're running, click to view.
Their actual ad rotator, refresh page to see it in action.
  IBO Toolbox is a "home business" social network that allows for ads throughout their member social platform. You'll need to join IBO Toolbox (free) in order to see our team ads in action. We run 1 728x90 (the same one that's at thet op of this site's pages), three variations of a 250x250, and 7 variations of a 468x60, some of which are used in our standard team banner adverstising further down below. Here are samples of the 250x250 ads that you'll see at IBO Toolbox. These are reduced in size to 225x225 to better fit here. You can click on any of the images below to see in real time what kind of page YOU can set-up for free there at IBO, and this regardless of the home business you're involved in.  
Lotto Magic 250x250 Ad #1 at IBO Toolbox  Lotto Magic 250x250 Ad #2 at IBO Toolbox Lotto Magic 250x250 Ad #3 at IBO Toolbox

Online Lotto Magic Team Advertising - Banner Ads, Site Specific:

Type Ad: Contract Length: Targeted Ad Focus Advertisement Being Run: Ad Size: Appearing on Site:
Home Page Bottom Footer 1 month manual renewal Team Free Lotto Magic

Team Free Lotto Magic Free Member Site

468x60 Banner IBO Exchange
Home Page Bottom Footer 1 month manual renewal Lotto Magic Team Support

Lotto Magic 728x90 Ad

728x90 Banner IBO Exchange
Home Page Right Center 1 year contract only, ends May 2015 Free Lottery E-Book

Free Lotto Strategy Book

234 x 60 Banner Free Teez
Home Page Left Bottom Auto-renew every 6 months Lotto Magic Play for Free

Lotto Magic - Play for Free

88 x 31 Button People Search
Home Page  Center Auto-renew every 6 months Free Lottery E-Book

Free Lottery Strategy Book

234 x 60 Banner People Search
Home Page Left Center Auto-renew every 12 months Lotto Magic Team Site

125 x 125 Banner Affiliate Company List
10 Freebie Pages, Bottom Right Auto-renew every 12 months Lotto Magic Team Site

The Lotto Magic Team - Finally get some REAL help with your online business!

120 x 60 Banner Miss Freebie
Index Top Center Manual-renew every 6 months Lotto Magic Team Site Join the Lotto Magic Team Today - Earn an Income From Your Home! Free team advertising and is does NOT cost you a dime! 468x60 Banner Free 4 Us Girls
Index Top Right Rotator 12 month contract only, ends Jun 2015 Lotto Magic Team Site 250x250 Banner Coloring Books Free
Index Page Top Left Manual-renew every 6 months Lotto Magic Team Site

125 x 125 Banner Free Coffee Site
Selected Pages Within Site Manual-renew every 12 months Lotto Magic Team Site

125 x 125 Banner Free Paid Surveys
Top Left Page Auto-renew every 12 months Free Win That Lotto E-Book

200 x 68 Banner Cubicle Jello Free
Bottom Page Footer 6 month contract only, ends Nov 2014 Lotto Magic Team Site 728x90 Banner Global Domains International
Index, Top Right Manual-renew every 12 months Lotto Magic Team Site

125 x 125 Banner About Free Samples
Home Page Auto-renew every 6 months Lotto Magic Play for Free 88 x 31 Button International Free Stuff
Selected Pages Within Site Manual-renew every 6 months Lotto Magic Team Site 125 x 125 Banner Worldwide Free Stuff
Top Banner Rotator, Site Wide Auto-renew every 6 months Lotto Magic Team Site 468x60 Banner Coffee Facts
Rotator Site Wide Auto-renew every 12 months Lotto Magic Team Site 125 x 125 Banner Affiliate Company List
Rotator Site Wide Auto-renew every 12 months Lotto Magic Team Site

The Lotto Magic Team - Finally get some REAL help with your online business!

120 x 60 Banner Affiliate Company List
About Page on Top Left Auto-renew every 3 months Lotto Magic Team Site 250x250 Banner Freebie Direct
Site Wide, Bottom Footer Auto-renew every 6 months Lotto Magic Play for Free 88 x 31 Button Coffee Facts
Index Page, Bottom Left Auto-renew every 12 months Lotto Magic Team Site 120 x 60 Banner Dating Site Reviews
Site Wide, Bottom Footer Auto-renew every 6 months Lotto Magic Play for Free 88 x 31 Button  Free T-Shirts
Home Page Auto-renew every 6 months Lotto Magic Team Site 125 x 125 Banner As Seen on TV
Home Page 2 year contract only, ends Apr 2016 Lotto Magic Play for Free 88 x 31 Button Free Stuff Samples
Index Page Top Header Manual-renew every 12 months Lotto Magic Team Site 728x90 Banner CB Pro Ads
Link Footers Only Auto-renew every 6 months Lotto Magic Play for Free 88 x 31 Button Free Stuff Samples
Samples Page Auto-renew every 12 months Win That Lotto E-Book 80 x 142 Banner Coffee Samples
Index, Top Header Manual-renew every 12 months Lotto Magic Team Update Site

468x60 Banner About Free Samples
Friends Page Auto-renew every 12 months Lotto Magic Team Site General Text Link Text Link Million Dollar Bill
Free Website & Blog Page Auto-renew every 6 months Lotto Magic Team Site General Text Link Text Link Free Affiliate Programs
Home Page Expired, due for manual renewal Lotto Magic Team Site General Text Link Text Link Zippo Lighters
  The team ads placed above are a small sampling of the ads we're running. Because of the constant placement of new online ads and the expiration of the older ads (some are contracted for only weeks at a time) it would be difficult to list all ads we're running for the team. We will update this page on occasion as new "long term" team advertising is added.  
Learn more about the free team ads we run at the Lotto Magic Team blog.

Online Advertising - Google Ad Words:


Google adsense screen shot of Lott Magic text ad.


(screen shot - Google Adwords text/content ad)


  The Lotto Magic team Google Adwords ads are set up to run indefinitely and appear on targeted "Lottery" related web sites throughout the Internet such as lottery, bingo, and gambling type of sites. When clicked, visitors are then sent to the home page of this site, and then of course... to YOUR Lotto Magic site!  

Offline Advertising - Print Media Display Ads:


Lotto Magic can also be advertised through the "old school" method of print media display ads.

  We're currently doing some test advertising with the above two display ads. The actual size of each ad is 3"x 6", however they're scaled down here to 75% of the original size for a better page fit. Look for YOUR ads in various mail-order and network marketing publications out there in the print media world throughout the year!

The URL in the above ads send the visitors to which is currently set to redirect the visitors to  where they click on a link to get their free lotto e-book. Soon we'll be creating a completely stand alone web site where our free lottery e-book offer will be available to all. It'll be better for long team search engine optimization, rankings and of course quality and targeted traffic that will visit here and join the team easily!


Other Offline Display Ad Samples. Column inches 1", 2" and 3"


Lotto Magic Display Ads  Florida Lotto Magic Free Advertising  Lotto Magic Marketing Ads

To view more Lotto Magic Ads... Click the ads above or you can view them here!
  The above ads are the 1 column inch, 2" and 3 inch Lotto Magic newspaper and magazine ads in black & white which is the standard for print media. These direct the offline readers to the team site (this site) for more information. Click on any of the above to view our "sheet #2" for 2013 screenshot. There are also other team display ad samples posted to the Lotto Magic Facebook Display Ads Album.  
  We use these 2 direct mail companies for lottery, lottery pool & network marketing leads: US Data and Info USANote: These companies will also purchase direct mail lists from you if you have them.  

Online Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

We're consistently working on our SEO to increase the visitors here  which translates directly into more people joining you. You might have even arrived here at the team web site from a search engine. Why would people be searching for the Lotto Magic program and how is it that they'd end up here at this particular site? 
Here's the answer...
There are many thousands of Lotto Magic members within the Lotto Magic "Company". I'm not talking about our specific "Lotto Magic Team", I'm actually talking about all the other people in Lotto Magic itself. Not only do we mail postcards for the team... there are people on "other" teams mailing the Lotto Magic post cards by the thousands each day too. To you and your team this equals hundreds of additional visitors here and this is why - Imagine you receive a Lotto Magic postcard in the mail and by chance it's from somebody on a different team then ours here. Your curious about this "Florida Lotto Magic" stuff so you go to your computer and do a few Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask or AOL searches to find out the "real deal". You can do that right now. Go to your preferred search engine and use YOUR choice of Lotto Magic related search terms if you like. We've done a few already and you can test out this team seo marketing system by clicking any of the links below. The search engine results pages below are live and in real time.
Lotto Magic has a free "Winning the Lottery" e-book for you at the bottom of this page!   In a nutshell people receive the Florida Lotto Magic post card in the mail. They go online to search about it, visit this free team marketing site, are sent to YOUR Lotto Magic site and finally - they join you, nice yes?

Real time search engine results.  (SEO + This Site + URL Rotator = Your Targeted Visitors!)


OK... I got a little carried away with the Lotto Magic live search engine results above, however the point I wanted to make for you is that when people receive a Lotto Magic postcard (or anything in the mail related to Lotto Magic), or they see a newspaper ad, classified ad etc. eventually they'll end up doing a search (likely via Google), and we'll be there in their face. When they click (and they will) they'll end up here at this team site (your site) or on one of the other Lotto Magic team sites in our network. When they click anywhere on this web site to learn more about Lotto Magic or to join the team... they will be sent to a random team members Lotto Magic web site and could very well be joining - YOU!


Team SEO Update: We hired an SEO guru to get us listed well in "Google Images Search" for many key words. It cost us a ton (literally thousands), however it was worth every dollar spent for the team (you are on the team aren't you?). Here's a test that YOU can do to prove to yourself that somehow, someway you (and many others) will eventually end up at a team related site and then eventually at the site of one of the members already on our team.

Ready? OK, go to Google image search and use your prefered search terms. I recommend "Lotto Magic Team", "Florida Lotto Magic", "Lotto Magic Business" etc. Click on any image there, video screenshot or even a Lotto Magic newsletter then click on "visit page". Bam, welcome to one of our team sites. Once you get to any of those sites if you haven't joined the team yet, click on any "Visit this Team Members", "Join Us", "Visit Main Company", "Learn More" link and then join a current team member today! If you're already in Lotto Magic, that's fine you can fix that here.

To illustrate this to you in the broad sense and so you can get a better idea of the massive online marketing machine we have in place for you, down below is a special Google search button so you can poke around online at some of the other cool things we have happening online for you. Please keep a few things in mind once you get out there and see what we're doing for you.

1 - Regardless if it's banner ads, team video's, social media, document marketing or anything else, absolutely all roads lead back to people having to go through the team URL rotator to a current team members Lotto Magic site, there's just no way around it.

2 - I am NOT in the team URL rotator. There is no sense and it's impossible for anyone to join me through any link online, they must join through YOU. Our long-term team building plan is to build deep and not wide. By that it means you cannot join me directly, you must join someone that's already on the team, that's powerful.

3 - What we are doing for the team will not change. As mentioned elsewhere on this site we've seen teams come and go, and we're still here because our focus is on YOU and your team and not on us.

  OK, so click the button below and surf like there's no tomorrow. Eventually YOU will end up back here at this team site or at our other team related sites (Lotto Magic Biz, Lotto Magic Video's, Lotto Magic 101, or Team Free Lotto Magic, etc.) or possibly at some of our various video channels or social marketing sites. it's the way we designed the team marketing and team buiding platform. To see what else we have going on out there on the Internet for YOU, click the Google search button below.


It all comes down to you and your team capturing a large percentage of the Internet search traffic for many subjects and search terms related to Lotto Magic through our extensive web site SEO efforts. I hope I didn't over do it above however I felt it was important for you to see for yourself that besides our paid for online/offline advertising and marketing, you and your team have the direct benefit of consistent online web traffic through natural search engine rankings and results!

So remember when people out there receive a Lotto Magic postcard through postal mail from really anyone else out there (even if they are NOT on your team) and they go online to do some research on this "Lotto Magic" company they heard about - then you and your team can be assured that this team web site, all other team sites, the Lotto Magic Blog, all social sites and even all free team advertising will send the visitors to YOUR Lotto Magic marketing web site.


Besides other offline and online team marketing methods we also give away a free Lottery Strategy e-book which brings in additional traffic looking for a nice freebie that'll help them in their lottery winning efforts. We offer links to the free lottery e-book so our visitors (even if not joining the team) can offer this informative and free lottery book to their visitors easily.

Also available to the general public are our encrypted and viral free Florida and Powerball random lottery number widgets. People can use them directly from that page "or" though the replicating code they can put a free lottery number widget on their website, blog etc. for "their" visitors to use. How does that help you? The widget has a logo on the top of it, and that logo leads back here. So people interested in the Florida and Powerball lotteries will be the ones clicking the logo and they'll visit... well by now you know where they'll end up at. That's just another part of our "targeted" team marketing plan.

Lotto Magic has a free "Winning the Lottery" e-book for you at the bottom of this page! Social media is huge! For years we were "old school" but we rapidly got the hang of "new school" social media marketing, and all for your benefit. Check out what we're doing for the team today at: YouTube, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Blogger and Twitter and see what's happening! When you get to twitter please realize that our followers "real" and not purchased (fake) followers. You can confirm this easily via the Fake Followers site. using our twitter user name of @lottomagicteam. You'll need to be logged into Twitter to do the check and while you're there you might as well check out your friends or even popular people and famous stars. See who's honest and also see who "paying" for fake followers and fake popularity.

Being tested for the team now: The Lotto Magic Team News, a newspaper of compiled Lotto Magic related team information. If it generates quality traffic for YOU (so far so good) we'll be upgrading to pro and will host it on a stand alone domain and promote it more than we are now. If you have a site, blog or anything else related to Lotto Magic (and you're on our team), that infomation is pulled from your site each Saturday to send even more free traffic your way.

Next in the social media chute for the team will be LinkedIn however we're trying to pace ourselves and will make an announcement on the update page once we're set up and rolling!


So, if you made it this far that's great, I just hope your eyes don't hurt. As a bonus for making it here and If you ever decide to take a trip to Las Vegas, be sure to grab your Free Las Vegas area Visitor's Guide and 3D Maps. You can also read it online right now, print it for later or download it by clicking the "Free Guide" image below.

Grab your Las Vegas Area Visitors Guide and 3D Las Vegas Maps - 44 pages.


Regardless if you join our Lotto Magic team today or not, feel free to use the code above for your web site or blog to share the Free Las Vegas Guide with your visitors - they'll thank you later.

You can go it alone out there, or you can Join the Lotto Magic team today and easily tap into the team FREE online advertising traffic, Google Adwords traffic, print media direct mail (offline) traffic, and even some more free traffic from our ongoing search engine optimization work and team web site prime search engine listings. 


Check out the Lotto Magic team updates page. See what we've been up to - for you. News, information and current projects.


Lotto Magic News, Information and Updates - Get Yours Here.  Click Here for Current Team Updates and News!

Don't delay, start building your Lotto Magic team today!
Whitney - Lotto Magic Team Leader


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