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We're constantly thinking outside the box in order to drive more traffic to your personal Lotto Magic web site. Here are some of the most recent marketing projects we've completed for you and your team.
Lotto Magic Marketing

Lotto Magic Review

Lotto Magic Advertising on Facebook Advertising and Impressive Commissions in One Proven Program. We recently joined a powerful advertising program designed so you can advertise Lotto Magic or your favorite program "and" earn an amazing 100% direct commissions for sharing it with others. It's called Leased Ad Space and along with you placing text and banner ads you can send out your solo ads "for life" to real people that want your home business, MLM or affiliate information. There is no surfing, clicking or reading ads... you simply join, place your advertising and then let it roll! It cost a small one-time $7, however as an 8x7 "forced matrix" affiliate program every single person our upline brings into the team and everyone that joins the team through my efforts must be placed below members already in the team matrix, that's very powerful in the long term and I want to place these new Leased Ad Space member's below YOU!


If there was ever a program that allowed you to advertise your program "and" earn an impressive commission, it's Leased Ad Space. For more information on what we're doing to help build YOUR Leased Ad Space team be sure to read the special team editorial I wrote explaining in detail what we're doing as a team to ensure your complete success on the team - then be sure to join the team immediately as those that read this update and see all the ads we've placed online... are the people you want placed "below you" in your team! Yes, we're talking the cost of a good burger and some fries. The difference is that in 8 hours or so that burger and fries are literally down the toilet, invest your $7 into a prime position on this team and you'll reap the financial benefits for years to come, don't you miss it!  Remember, we go BIG or we go home, and we never go home. We're advertising and marketing Leased Ad Space for you right now as you read this. I look forward to welcoming you to the team very soon.



Lotto Magic Advertising
Lotto Magic Team
Lotto Magic Advertising on Twitter

Lotto Magic Advertising on Google Ads

Lotto Magic Advertising on Facebook Lotto Magic Team Blog Update. We've incorporated Google+ into the team "Social Media Marketing" blog. The blog now displays the Google+ circle members that are in the team circle, it also allows visitors to easily visit our team Google+ page, and if they're logged into Google+ they'll see the Google+ comment form under the blog post which they can use. You can check out these new Google+ widgets in the left hand column of the blog.

The most important aspect of integrating these two platforms (the team blog and Google+) is so when a blog post is made we can have it automatically post to the Lotto Magic Google+ page. You can also set the option so when you make a Google+ linking to Blogger (Blogspot)Google+ post the system automatically makes a post to your blog. Whether you're on our team or not it's always a good idea to save your valuable time through automation. The same content shared among 3 or 4 of your social media sites is perfectly fine and is actually good for your overall social media exposure.

You might not know you can set up your YouTube channel to automatically post your newly uploaded video to your Google+ page "and" also tweet via your twitter page, it's what we do for the team already. One manual video upload and 2 automatic social media announcements to view the video  - a really good deal. Face book has something similar so that right after you make a Facebook post it'll automatically tweet it for you. If you haven't tried these I'd recommend you give them a shot to see if they'll work for your overall marketing plan, I'm confident they'll save you time!

Lotto Magic Advertising on IBO
Lotto Magic Advertising on Google+
Lotto Magic Advertising on Twitter

Lotto Magic Advertising on Google Ads

EPX Body team links and information - EPX Body this is our sister site Lotto Magic Team's New "Sister" Program and Website Called "EPX Body Team". Since 2005 we've gradually increased our network of team sites, social media sites and have consistently increased the visibility of the Lotto Magic Team brand over all these years. If you do a search on Google we're on the first page ready to be visited and when you do a search on the second largest search engine (YouTube) we're there for more visitor engagement. Plus we've made sure to be consistently involved in many other popular social media networks along the way too.

With all this "free" online marketing taking place we felt it was the best time to expand our reach into the health related market so we searched for, located and talked to an active and successful EPX Body team leader, then we joined him. We have since built a team marketing site for EPX Body, and in short 2 months have secured a first page listing in Google and YouTube, not an easy task but worth all the hard and time that was invested to get there - the best traffic of course is free traffic.

Both sites and their associated social media sites are designed to work together. Our philosophy here is simple... If someone is not interested in the lottery then they can visit EPX Body for health, wellness and weight loss supplement information. Like wise if the people visiting EPX Body are not interested in health supplements then they can visit Lotto Magic as the Lotto Magic information smack dab located in the middle of the EPX Body team site!

Nope... You do NOT have to be a member in both programs, you can chose one the other or both, it's really your choice. The bottom line is regardless of which program you're involved in is that YOU are benefiting from the marketing and advertising taking place at both team sites, and the interconnected social media platforms. Double the bang for the buck!

EPX Body related links for you to check out:

EPX Main team marketing site
      EPX Body Team URL rotating link for the Main EPX Body company site
      EPX Body Team URL rotating link for the EPX Body One80 marketing program.
EPX Google+ Page
EPX Body Twitter
EPX YouTube Channel
      Most Popular EPX Body video
EPX Body Daily Motion Channel
EPX Body Pinterest Board
EPX Body at Picassa
EPX Body on Flickr
EPX Body Team Newspaper

The EPX Body Team shares its content at the Lotto Magic Facebook page, the team Social Media Marketing Blog and on the online EPX Body and Lotto Magic team newspaper.

Note: You do NOT have to join EPX Body if you're a current Lotto Magic team member. At the same time if you are in the EPX Body team you do NOT have to join Lotto Magic. They are stand-alone sister sites that share traffic and visitors for the benefit of "both" programs and both teams.

Lotto Magic Advertising on IBO
Lotto Magic Advertising on Google+

Lotto Magic Social Media  Lotto Magic Team Social Media

You probably that know that social media is a big deal these days. Not only for business related exposure but for really "anything" you have going on in your life. It also connects people whether we live next door to each other or we live across the oceans. You're likely already on Facebook, Twitter, Blogspot, YouTube, Pinterest or Google+, and yep the list goes on. In the near future we'll be joining other social media sites and hope to see you at many of the team social site along the way, visit us today! Click above the tweet panel there on the right to follow us (or you can click here).

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Friend us on Facebook, tweet us at Twitter or pin us on Pinterest. You can also subscribe to the Lotto Magic YouTube channel so you never miss out on the latest team created videos or join our Google+ group. Click any of the links above and you're all set.
Lotto Magic Advertising on Twitter

Lotto Magic Advertising on Google Ads

Lotto Magic Advertising on Facebook Lotto Magic Network - We've grown a bunch since 2005 and it's time to "centralize". We've centralized all team site links, video channels and social site information and links at the new Lotto Magic Network team site. This newer core team site isn't so much about Lotto Magic, you can easily receive information either here or at the Lotto Magic corporate site easy enough. It's more about what we do for you and your team when you join us. Learn who we are, what our team mission is, how we help you, why we do it, and what you and your team receive for 100% free.
Lotto Magic Advertising on IBO
Lotto Magic Advertising on Google+

Lotto Magic Advertising on Facebook Lotto Magic - Advertising on Facebook! We knew it was going to happen, just didn't know when ha ha. We're now placing ads on Facebook to target those people interested in lotto pools and the lottery etc. Most are "engagement" type of ads where people on Facebook can "like" the team page, "click" to visit us here, or they can "share" it with their friends - yea I really like that last one. I could post it all here but it would be easier for you to just on pop over to the team marketing blog to read about the Lotto Magic Facebook advertising there. Working hard for you, well because that's my job. :-) Whitney.

Lotto Magic Online Newspaper The Lotto Magic Newspaper is online and live! There's nothing better then compiling all that Lotto Magic online content and information into one very easy to read and navigate web site!

Lotto Magic News is a weekly paper published every Saturday morning. It's an online newspaper dedicated to the Lotto Magic Team and it contains current member content from their web site or blogs. If you have a web site or blog related to Lotto Magic simply submit it to us (only one time is required) and once your URL is placed in the "content" database your web content will automatically be pulled from your site and the system will then automatically post YOUR Lotto Magic content out there in front of the masses - a free benefit to you and your team. We also created some extra punch of the "mini" Lotto Magic News page here at this site. This mini version pulls information directly from the main online team newspaper. The content of the team paper is also posted automatically to other places on the internet such as Lotto Magic Newsletters (right side) page and the Lotto Magic Team Blog.


Lotto Magic Stand Alone Video Site New Team Social Media Site: This free marketing platform is called IBO Toolbox and it's available to really anyone that wants to bump their online marketing, traffic, branding or site visitors up a notch or two from the standard highly competitive Facebook, Twitter, Google+Join Free and Build YOUR Business!platforms. Nope it's not just for those on our team "anyone" can sign up at IBO and get rolling with their online social media and marketing virtually immediately.

However I "highly recommend" that if you are on our team (hint, hint) that YOU go there right now and set up your 100% free account so you're not left in the marketing dust of others!

I recently joined to boost our teams online visibility up another notch myself. I don't earn money if you join, and there are no surprises there either. Click the banner, read the IBO page, then join fast & free! Take care, more soon. Whitney



Lotto Magic Stand Alone Video Site The Team "Stand Alone" Video Site is available to the masses! This was one of our video related team "free traffic" marketing projects, however even the smaller projects like this one... generate free visitors for YOU and your team. In the case of online marketing every little bit generated today adds up to a massive amount by the end of the month - it's just the way it works. This site uses the Daily Motion video wall code to generate a main video in the center of the page, plus it creates "a wall" of video preview screen shots so the visitor can click and watch their selected Lotto Magic related video right there at the website.

Other hot video news... the brand new Lotto Magic video is on the Main Lotto Magic site, the Free Lotto Magic team member site, and it's even available on the team YouTube channel, view it, embed it and use it - yea, it's yours!


Random Number Generators - Florida and Powerball.  Random Lottery Number Generator Widgets: We've coded both the Florida and Powerball random number generator widgets. You can try out the new widget on the Random Number Generator Page. These widgets are designed to "viral" and passed from site to site fast and easy through simple copy & paste. Difficult to explain it all here, however basically people can add the random lottery generators to their site after grabbing the simple one line of code from any other site that has previously placed the widget. The title graphic (banner) at the top of the widget is linked back to this team site so visitors can visit you if they like!

I've emailed some of the webmasters out there that have widgets listed on their sites to get the get the viral component going. There are millions of people that play the Powerball, many millions more know about it so I'm confident these widgets will be a nice extra traffic boost for our team members. Here's an example of one of our free widgets being given away... to the Internet masses!



WealthPerx Program Update WealthPerx: Is the new name of Lotto Magic as announced in a recent monthly newsletter. It's unknown how the name will benefit the current Lotto Magic membership. Most questions revolve around what the company's plan is for the future of Lotto Magic. Many of these questions can be viewed on the Wealthperx post located at the team blog. At this time we understand that Wealthperx will be providing vacation certificates along with discount prescription medicine cards. Although the name of Lotto Magic is changing to Wealthperx, it's not clear how the lotto ticket number MLM part of the program is going to be incorporated into Wealthperx but we hope to receive more information on this from Mike Caruana and Lotto Magic soon.


  Lotto Magic Animation Software Really Nice Animation Software: We just purchased some cool software from Microsoft called Articulate Storyline. With this new team tool we'll be producing some informational presentations to post throughout the web and also here at the team site. More on this as we figure out the software and we'll post a link to our first test animation project right here as soon as finished!

  Site traffic, stats and click activity  The Crazy Egg Experiment: This has nothing to do with Easter. It's was a visitor traffic test we recently did to determine "what" site visitors were doing once they arrived at the Lotto Magic online home page. The results showed us we needed to change some of the home page layout and fix a couple of technical issues. You can check out the screen shots and read about the Lotto Magic Visitor statistics, results and ultimately the fixes we did. Note: To those that emailed and recommended we update the 90's Lotto Magic web template here... I have to respond politely that it's ahem - actually mid 2000's and yes, I'm looking into a cleaner "shinier" template now!

  Lotto Magic Marketing Pages - Free  Splash Pages: We've designed and are now marketing new Lotto Magic splash pages to the masses in order to funnel even more visitors to this team site for your benefit. Each splash page also sends visitors "directly" to your Lotto Magic Marketing site (free from the company when you join) whenever a visitor clicks on the team banner at the top of each splash page - you can check them out here:
Lotto Magic Video and Information - A combo page with video and some insight & info from me.
Lotto Magic Video Splash - It's very simple and to the point. Watch video, click on link and join you.
Earning Money Online with Lotto Magic - Online home business focus with team assistance.
Lotto Magic, Play the Lottery for Free - Pooling funds to win more often and playing for free.
Free "Win That Lottery" E-Book - Offer for the team's 48 page no email required lottery e-book.
Lotto Magic - The Inside Scoop! - Lotto Magic in a nutshell covering most all major points.

Lotto Magic Projects in Progress In the Free Team Marketing Chute for You:

~  Free "Lotto Magic Team" Member Marketing Sites - We've completed testing and have "gone live" on a free marketing platform that provides YOU (and everyone on your team) a mini Lotto Magic marketing site. You can see a free team member site here. It's designed specifically to send visitors directly to your Lotto Magic website via your member ID. We bought the domain name from a team that started in Lotto Magic in 2009, which was 4 years after our team launched. They're closed now so we swooped in for the domain name purchase. After you join the team your free site is uploaded to the team server automatically and you'll receive an email about it plus you'll learn how best to use it to your online marketing advantage. Important: If your Lotto Magic personal marketing site does NOT have your email address listed on the index (home) page, then we cannot create your free marketing site and cannot contact you to let you know it's available. Update your email address in your Lotto Magic back office soon so it benefits you directly - thanks!
  ~  Lotto Magic Youtube Video's - We've hired a video producer to work on a series of Lotto Magic Team related video's. These will  be used for the free team member marketing sites mentioned above, plus a few will be used here and at a new "video" marketing domain.

For now you can see some of what we've created and posted at our Lotto Magic Team watch page. As new video's are produced and released we'll post them there first. Also in the chute (stop me before I hurt myself) I've contracted to have our team video's manually posted on many of the more popular video sharing sites. To date our team has additional video channels located at: Daily Motion and Meta Cafe with more to follow at other video hosting sites. The team video sample to the right was produced in HD and it's best viewed with your speakers cranked up a notch for the full effect!

~  Email Auto Responder System - We've contracted with Aweber for the use of their online email auto responder system. Soon the visitors here will be able to request a special lottery report "The Inside Scoop on the Lottery - Secrets and Confessions". They'll receive their FREE report through a double opt-in email with a link to easily download their report. In addition I'm also finalizing a 6 part training series (one issue per week) called "How to Start & Operate your Online Home Business for Pennies a Day". Besides educating subscribers it also points them in the right direction so they can save money while they build their home business. A link back to the main team core site will be included in each issue.

An oldie but a goodie from the team archives (July 2011). An article about the Power of Duplication.

Thank You! To the UK team Mill Services for their hard work and dedication over the years. Lotto Magic is a worldwide company so having Mill Services on board from across the ocean has been a treat. I appreciate all the input and ideas that Martin's had for the team - thanks!

Be sure to check out the latest issue of the Lotto Magic Online Newspaper as mentioned above. Get all the latest team news, watch Lotto Magic video's, check out the Lotto Magic graphics but most importantly be sure to visit many of the team members personal web sites and blogs listed there.
Lotto Magic has a free "Winning the Lottery" e-book for you at the bottom of this page!  News: Listen to the most recent recorded Lotto Magic opportunity calls for more!
 I look forward to welcoming you to the team!

Hi I'm Whitney, Team Leader for The Lotto Magic Team - Welcome!

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