Grow your Florida Lotto Magic downline with help from a group that cares about your success and has been with Lotto Magice since 2005.

  Florida Lotto Magic Team Information... Work together in the Florida Lotto Magic and Win Together too.  

Florida Lotto Magic is a Lotto Pool where team member join the Florida Lottery together and then share in the earnings.


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This Lotto Magic team site isn't about what we can get from you, it's about what we can do to help you grow YOUR Lotto Magic team. You benefit directly from the visitors to this web site and from all of the visitors within our entire network of sites, blogs and social media sites. When they join you they're also joining us...  and we're perfectly OK with that.

Visitors do not have to give up their email address or phone numbers to receive all the information they want or need on what we do as team for them. There's no jumping through hoops and no emails or follow-up phone calls to drip feed information to them - our team information is "everywhere" online. They only need to read it, see how we work for them, understand the free team URL rotators, check out the free team marketing sites and free marketing... then join you.

As your Lotto Magic Business Partner we are here to help you build your Lotto Magic team bigger and faster - it's our job. Whether you surfed in or were sent here by one of our Lotto Magic Team Leaders please read on to see what you receive absolutely FREE when you join the team!



Free Traffic for you and your team... it's what we do best!
You pay nothing, nada, zip! And we don't want anything from you either. We don't want you to send us any "team co-op advertising" money, and we don't require you to place ads either. If you're going to spend money on traffic then spend it on yourself - send those visitors to YOUR personal Lotto Magic marketing site).
  More: Your Team Video Wall and your Team YouTube Channel  
  You choose your spouse, you car and your home. So why wouldn't you also shop for your lotto team? Tired of all the empty promises from others? Do you really need those free e-books offered by others when you join their team, the free email mentoring or even inspirational quotes from your upline leadership team? Probably not. What you do need to succeed online is a free and productive website from the company, a free and unique marketing website from your upline team and yea, ton's of free advertising, free marketing, and free SEO for YOUR free visitors. Warm and fuzzy inspirational quotes, we really don't do that here. However we do work hard to help you build your Lotto Magic team. For more about the visitors we generate through the established team advertising and marketing platform in place for you, please see what our Lotto Magic traffic experiment revealed.  
  Read more below about what we do for you, why and how it benefits you directly. Compare our team to any of the individual Lotto Magic marketers out there and when you're done we'll be here for you.  
Are you already in Lotto Magic?

That's OK, YOU can still benefit from our powerful Lotto Magic marketing machine.




This team site along with all of the websites, blogs and social networking sites we own, manage and market within the team network (your network) are all designed to build your team in Lotto Magic. This site isn't the main Lotto Magic company site, however it IS designed to benefit you directly as a member on our Lotto Magic team as are all of the team sites. As people search and surf the Internet for information about lotto pools, social media marketing or even if they're looking for the most current Lotto Magic newsletter our goal is to be there, ready to send them to YOUR free Lotto Magic marketing site to join you.

  We've been team building since 2005 and we're no fly by night operation. What we do is massive and powerful, search Google, Bing, Yahoo, check out Google images for "any" Lotto Magic term you'd like, yea that's YOUR traffic, that's what we do. We don't make promises about online marketing and SEO - we just do it. Poke around Google, use "your" chosen Florida Lotto Magic related search terms... those are your listings, your visitors and your future down line team, simple.  


We are about helping you grow your business by sending targeted visitors to YOUR Lotto Magic web site. We generate visitors from offline prints ads and through results focused online advertising & online marketing, and we market for you through the Lotto Magic blog and social sites!

Check out some of the other stuff we're doing for you online: Facebook - Florida Lotto magic Twitter - Florida Lotto Magic Google Plus - Florida Lotto Magic YouTube - Florida Lotto Magic Blogger - Florida Lotto Magic Pinterest - Lotto Magic Lotto Magic NewspaperLotto Magic Social Media Spacer

Good to know Florida Lotto Magic information such as site traffic, cost to join Florida Lotto Magic and also how the Florida Lottery Magic works.

  Web site traffic  to your lotto magic site is very important in the long term.  Your web site traffic here is FREE! - You already know... without traffic nothing happens. No visitors, no interest, no sign-ups, no down line building, no income, nothing. A web site without traffic is about as effective as opening a McDonalds in the middle of the desert, nothing would happen in that case either. Over the years I've learned many effective ways to generate targeted traffic to a web site, and that's how I can directly help YOU build your personal Lotto Magic down line team - by sending traffic to your personal Lotto Magic marketing site. Besides "funneling" traffic to this team site through the other sites in my network, I also pay for online and offline team ads for your direct benefit! Note: be sure to scroll down to the middle of that page to see for yourself just how effective my search engine optimization (SEO) efforts have resulted in this team site reaching dozens of first page top listings. Many are for the key "Lotto Magic" related search terms. Will this benefit you and your team?  Here's some real world (and live) search engine results from many of the more popular search engines out there, see for yourself then you decide for yourself.  
Click the link in my tweet above to learn how we team build for you, or read our other tweets!
  Joining our Lotto Magic team does not cost you anything!  It will cost you NOTHING! Yep, that's right, not a dime, not a penny, nada, zilch. My belief is pretty straight forward... When I help YOU build your team in Lotto Magic I'm automatically building my team at the same time, it is then "our" team. Plus, when I help you build your team, you make money, and when you're making money you're not going to drop out of the program. Obviously I don't want you to drop out because if you do... then I don't make any money either. So the bottom line here is that me helping you also helps me. It works out well for both of us - I like that, I'm sure you do too.  

How does lotto magic work when you're with the lotto magic team.  How does it work here at the Lotto Magic Team - The home page is an introduction to Lotto Magic. Visitors can jump right into the site through the top menu, they click on join the team, or they click on the "get more information" link below the video. They can also click on "Visit a Team Member's Site" and go immediately to your personal Lotto Magic marketing site that the company provides for you free. Our server stats show most visitors (86%) click on the links under the video. Also located on the home page and throughout this team web site are various "join now", "more information", "learn more",  "tell me more" etc. text links which route the visitor through what's called a member web site URL rotator. The team URL rotator is software where the Lotto Magic team member marketing web site URL's are entered so that when a link is clicked here at this team site, the visitor is randomly routed to one of the team member free Lotto Magic marketing sites. This also applies to the other links and banners within this team site, visitors click, go through the URL rotator and end up at a team members (your) site.

Important update... we've recently launched the new (and free) team marketing sites. It's operating under a different URL rotator so now you and your team members are put into two (2) URL rotators! Once for this site and then again at the free mini sites. You can read more about your free mini marketing sites down below under "Bonus" (in red) section for all the details on this brand new free team benefit.


Succeeding or failing. It's a matter of planning and not a matter of chance.

    This is a true story. If you were on this particular team you know exactly what I'm talking about. No names are mentioned here in order to protect the guilty.    

There was a different Florida Lotto Magic team then ours that also used a team URL rotator system similar to ours here, however the team members were NOT included in it unless "they" created traffic for the team leader (what?). True, the members were required to send traffic to a tracking URL to prove that they were "working" and they also had to post 20 ads online (Again, what?). This is really no different then a team leader asking everyone to pitch in some money for team co-op advertising, asking that traffic be sent to the team site, asking members to place ads for the team or just as bad... putting themselves in the URL rotator which of course syphons off personally sponsored members, yes - to the upline (?).

Team Free Lotto Magic - Grab Your FREE Lotto Magic Marketing Site Now!

Stop it... if all the team members are doing most all of the work for the team leader then it's really about... the team leader, and not the team. So watch yourself out there with Lotto Magic (or any online business) and run like the wind if they start making demands that YOU fork up your cash, provide traffic for them or invest your time to work for them! If you're going to invest your time and money then it's best that you spend it to send visitors to YOUR personal Lotto Magic site not the team site.

Note: That's not to say I recommend you do nothing after you join us. Anything extra you do as far as online advertising, traffic exchanges, Facebook, twitter etc. to get your personal Lotto Magic marketing site out there and seen by other people will only help YOU. You'll be directing visitors to your site and that's very good for you. No reason to send traffic here though - yea, we got this.

So, where is that team now... They are dead in the water, dissolved and long gone now. They've been replaced by a team that does offer a free rotator (that's a sincere plus of course) however it's unknown if this new team advertises for the team or provides free traffic to the team members. Saying "we advertise for you" is easy enough, proving that it's actually taking place is a different story. If your upline isn't rolling the team commissions right back into massive team marketing to generate free traffic for you, then it's not a true "team build", it's just a snappy term.

So far and to date we are the only team in existence that provides a free URL rotator, free verifiable team marketing and advertising, a free marketing site and free visitors for you "plus" we are NOT in the URL rotator. Why is not being in the rotator important to you? Because if we are not in the URL rotator then all new team members must join YOU... We do not syphon off personally sponsored new members and place them on our first level for our gain and at your loss. Since we are not in the team URL rotator... all new members must join you as YOUR personally sponsored member, simple.

There is no competition, we've been marketing "for the team" in Lotto Magic since 2005 using our proven "team build" platform and we're not going anywhere. We can't guarantee you'll be a millionaire this time next month, but we'll forever guarantee to you that you'll never pay us to do what we are responsible for - help you to build your down line team bigger and better for years into the future & at zero cost to you.





Lotto Magic has a free "Winning the Lottery" e-book for you at the bottom of this page!  News: Listen to the most recent recorded Lotto Magic opportunity calls for more!


So... When people join through any link on this team web site they're automatically joining someone else that's already on the team, they really have no choice. To you and your team members it means free visitors to your personal Lotto Magic marketing sites - where new team members can easily join you or even others already in your down line team! Here it is in action, try it out for yourself!  When you get to the Lotto Magic Online page, please be sure check out who the sponsor is for that page. Yep that will be your Sponsor when you join, one of the people that joined our team earlier and that's the person that will receive the sponsor sign-up credit and 50% of the personally sponsored monthly commission, up to $120 a month to you, for each person - yea that's every single month!

Next week that could be YOU, don't miss out, join the Lotto Magic team today!

  The Internet Traffic that I generate and the team "URL rotator" work together to help YOU build YOUR team... When people visit this site and join Lotto Magic they'll be joining you!  


How can you give away traffic to lotto magic members for free?

After you join the team and receive your Lotto Magic Member ID #: Be sure to get it to me. I will take it from there and will get the URL of YOUR Lotto Magic marketing web site into the team rotator so there's a consistent flow of visitors to your personal Lotto Magic site.

  If you are not yet a member: What are you waiting for? Read my special Lotto Magic letter to you and also check out what some real team members are saying on the Lotto Magic Testimonials page or read "why" people have joined our particular team.  
  Already in Lotto Magic but also want to be on our team? Take another position in Lotto Magic! Just make sure you do it "before" your down line does otherwise you could end up... joining them!  

Remember, besides receiving a complete Lotto Magic marketing web site for FREE from the main Florida Lotto Magic company you'll also have the opportunity to use three (3) other already proven Lotto Magic marketing sites to build your Lotto Magic team even bigger:

1. A free marketing site from our team, let others know the benefits of joining the Lotto magic Team.

2. A Power Lead Capture Page where Lotto Magic then follows up for you and sends them Lotto information!

3. A Mini Lotto Magic site that gives your visitors a free Florida lotto ticket entry into the Florida Lottery.

And don't forget... you will not be alone in this, remember we're consistently marketing for you by placing ads, trading links with other webmaster and working to send more traffic to this and the other team traffic generating web sites so when a visitor clicks on "join" anywhere on this or the other sites, they'll be joining a current member of the team - yea that would be YOU.

BONUS: What else do you receive from our team? A 100% FREE self contained mini marketing site. It's designed so that YOU and your team have even more ways to get the word out about Lotto Magic. Not only do you receive this for free, it's highly recommended that you mention it's availability to all those that are considering joining you and your team - a really nice selling point for you.

Before I send you there, here's what you should know. Even though your mini site is free to you... you do NOT have to use it or market it, nope, purely optional. It'll help build your Lotto Magic team bigger, better and faster true, however like everything else there is never a requirement for YOU to build for us... we build for YOU. OK that's out of the way, back to business. The mini marketing sites are operating on a different URL rotator then what's being used here. This is so visitors to the main URL will get sent randomly to a team member's mini site, then from YOUR mini Lotto Magic site the visitor can click and go to your Lotto Magic main site - then join you!

Here you go: Team Free Lotto Magic - Free team member mini marketing sites for you "and" everyone on your team down to infinity! Your free marketing site is perfect for traffic generation, team building and even as a selling point for you... yea, show your prospective team member what they also receive free when they join YOU..

Note: We'll be working on the SEO for this team mini marketing site over the coming weeks and months to generate additional interest and visitors. This is of course is "in addition" to what you already receive through this site or the newer team update site.


What do we do for YOU when you join us on our team?

(watch our team video's to learn more)
Stop spenging your money, we'll spend ours
Lotto Magic marketing for you and your downline
Since 2005 Team Lotto Magic has worked for YOU


In Lotto Magice we're here to assist you and your downlline, check out what we've done recently.


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Hi I'm Whitney, Team Leader for The Lotto Magic Team - Welcome!

Team Leader - Lotto Magic Team
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P.S. If you have any questions feel free to email me anytime.

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